TAHI Souand Peace Gloria


Research interest : Artificial Intelligence – Statistical modeling
Statistical computing and Programming i


PhD student

Home institution

University of Abomey-Calavi


  • Since September, 2020: PhD student in biometry, UAC/FSA, Benin
  • 2018-Presrent: Collaborator in Laboratory of Biomathematics and Forest Estimations, UAC (Benin)
  • 2019-2020: Organizer of innovation platforms for ProCAD
  • 2018: Master in biometry, Doctoral School of Agronomic and Water Sciences (UAC)
  • 2015: Bachelor Degree in Agronomy Major: Management of Forest Resources, National University of Agriculture, Ketou (Benin)

Research project 

Anthropogenic climate change affect the agricultural sector more directly than many others due to its direct dependence on weather conditions. The nature and extent of these impacts on crops depend both on the evolution of the climate system and the relationship between crop yields and weather conditions. The overall objective of this study is to contribute to food security for populations by using artificial intelligence methods and relevant technologies to help model growth and predict the yield of maize (Zea mays) in Benin. To achieve the objective, each of the meteorological parameters (air temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, and solar radiation) and maize yield will be collected over a last 20-years period to define appropriate associated weather patterns for maize crop. In order to have variability, the associate weather rule will be used to define the best weather parameters for maize production and specific parameter values will be crossed under several greenhouses to create the microclimates. The weather patterns defined will be crossed under different greenhouses to create the microclimates. At the same time, tree fertilizers will be used to fertilize maize plants under the different greenhouses. Different machine learning techniques will be used on data collected to model yield of maize.

Awards and distinctions

  • DAAD scholarship

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Total number of publications (Articles, communications, technical documents) :

  • Articles: 4
  • Communications: 1
  • Technical documents: 0


  1. Tahi S., Gbenou P., Gbesso F. (2020). Characterization of cashew production actors (Anacardium occidentale L.) in the Municipality of Djidja in Central Benin. International Journal of Biosciences. 16(3), 350-356.
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