Innocent Sènandé Benjamin ECLOU


Research interests: Environmental chemistry – Forest mineral export – Climate change effects mitigation – Agroecology

Innocent Sènandé Benjamin ECLOU

Research interests

  • Environmental chemistry
  • Forest mineral export
  • Climate change effects mitigation
  • Agroecology


PhD student


I had a Master of Science degree in agronomic studies from the faculty of agronomy of Abomey-Calavi University. I majored in Forestry, Fauna and Pasture Land. I worked on the quantification of carbon stock of woody biomass in natural forests. Before my agronomic studies, I was graduated in Bachelor and in Master of Science of Biochemistry and applied Molecular Biology. For these studies, I worked on the antifungicidal and antibactericidal properties of the Ocimum gratissimum. Right now I am a PhD student. My PhD research project is financially supported by the Danish government grant through the DANIDA Fellowship Center.

Research project

We will assess the potential of organic cotton production to improve the livelihoods of millions of poor households in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Particularly in West Africa the massive use of pesticides and agrochemicals results in severe environmental and health problems. The main research question is how to improve sustainably the cotton producer’s income while reducing the negative effects on the environment to an acceptable minimum?
Organic cotton production strictly limits the use of agrochemicals and could increase incomes through access to premium prices. This research will generate new knowledge that will foster green growth, poverty reduction, and job creation.

Awards and distinctions

  • 2014: PhD grant from Denmark government through the DANIDA FELLOWSHIP CENTER;
  • 2012: Master of science grant from European Union through the Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA) programme;
  • 2010: Master of Science National scholarship from the Benin’s Government.

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