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CIMPA is supporting African Mathematical Schools (EMA) of the African Mathematical Union (AMU). The duration of an EMA is between 2 and 4 weeks. Their main objectives are:

  • To provide Master students or early PhD students with the mathematical foundations and essential tools of selected active areas of mathematics.
  • To contribute to the development of mathematics in all regions of the African continent by promoting the exchange of knowledge between young African mathematicians and the international mathematical community.
  • To break the isolation of African mathematicians by providing a platform for meeting fellow mathematicians from around the world, for exchanging knowledge and for sharing experience.

A call for application is published every year in early summer for the organization of EMA the following year. Proposals are evaluated by an UMA-CIMPA common scientific committee.


We are committed to making sure you always feel welcome and safe during your stay in Abomey-Calavi. If any participant faces any kind of difficulty and seek any assistance to deal with the situation, we urge them to contact us at labefcontact@gmail.com or +229 96 22 9196 / +229 96 17 27 29 and we will treat the matter with utmost urgency, seriousness and discretion. The Organizing Committee of AMS Abomey-Calavi 2018 is fully committed to assist you. We are also committed to ensuring the security of any information you provide to us while registering for the School. 


If you have any disability/ special needs please get in touch with us early labefcontact@gmail.com so that we can make arrangements to make your visit, travel and stay as comfortable as possible.