Dr. Ir. Charlemagne D.S.J. GBEMAVO

Head of research Unit

Research interests : Autecology – Agroforestry – Climate change – Landscape ecology (forest fragmentation and connectivity)


Head of Biomathematics and Applied Statistics Research Unit


  • Aut0ecology
  • Agroforestry
  • Climate change
  • Landscape ecology (forest fragmentation and connectivity)


After the general university study diploma 1 (DEUG1) in economic and management sciences (University of Abomey-Calavi), I studied in agronomic sciences and obtained respectively Engineer, Master of science and PhD degrees in forestry (University of Parakou and Abomey-Calavi). During my academic and collaboration research I worked and published on the following species : Vitellaria paradoxa, Parkia biglobosa (in Agroforestry and climate change), Borassus aethiopum, Chrysophyllum albidum (in Autoecology), Phyllostachys aurea (in Sylviculture) and Jatropha curcas (in Quantitative ethnobotany and Autoecology). I was a forest research associate in various regional research projects especially Interdisciplinary and Participatory Research on Interactions Ecosystems, Climate and Societies in West Africa Project (RIPIECSA), African Union Jatropha Project (PJUA) and Insects as Feed in West Africa Project (IFWA).

Research project

My PhD research project aims to the better understanding of the potential of home gardens in agrobiodiversity conservation in special agricultural and cultural context of Benin. These traditional farming systems evolve over time and seem to be resilient and less affected by changing in agricultural practices. Research questions intended to address the diversity of home gardens, their dynamic, their ownership and conditions of maintenance of their diversity.
Findings of this PhD research will provide decision makers and researchers with basic information and directive for the formulation of national strategy of conservation based on home gardens.

Awards and distinctions

    • Master of Science fellowship (2009-2010) from the Support Multinational Project on Cotton and Textile (PAFICOT-Benin)-Regional Project (Benin- Burkina-Faso and Mali).
    • PhD fellowship (2011-2014) from the African Union Jatropha Project (PJUA-Benin)-Regional Project (Benin-Burkina-Faso and Senegal)-African Union Research Grant.

Profiles and Curriculum

Total number of publications

  • Articles scientifiques publiés dans les journaux: 10
  • Communications: 3
  • Documents techniques: 6

Key publications

  1. Dadegnon S. Gbemavo C. Ouinsavi C. Sokpon N. 2015. Morphological Variation and Ecological Structure of Chrysophyllum albidum G. Don. International Journal of Plant and Soil Science. 5(1): 25-39.
  2. Gbemavo D.S.J.C., Gnangle P.C., Assogbadjo A.E., Glele Kakaï R.L. 2014. Local perceptions and factors determining organs and products of Jatropha curcas Linn. uses analyze (Euphorbiaceae) in Benin. Agronomie Africaine. 26(1) : 69-79.
  3. Gnangle C.P., Egah J., Baco M.N., Gbemavo C.D.S.J., Glele kakaï R., Sokpon N. 2012. Farmers’ perceptions, coping strategies in the management of shea butter park climate change. International Journal of Biological and Chemical Sciences. 6 (1): 136-149.
  4. Ouinsavi C., Gbemavo DSJC., Sokpon N. 2011. Ecological structure and fruit production of African palm (Borassus aethiopum) populations. American Journal of Plant Sciences. (2) : 733-743.
  5. Gbemavo DSJC., Glele Kakaï R., Assogbadjo AE., Katary A., Gnangle P. 2010. She butter trees shadiness effect on cotton capsular output in shea butter trees-cotton agrosystems of northern Benin. Tropicultura. 28(4) : 193-199.