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Dr. Ir. Kolawolé V. SALAKO

Dr. Ir. Kolawolé V. SALAKO

Coordonnateur scientifique

Research interests: Ordination methods in plant community ecology - Plant Ecology and Conservation - Agroforestry systems analysis - Forest mensuratio

Dr. Ir. Charlemagne D.S.J. GBEMAVO

Research interests : Autecology - Agroforestry - Climate change - Landscape ecology (forest fragmentation and connectivity)

Dr. Ir. Tadogbè M. DONOU

Dr. Ir. Tadogbè M. DONOU

Lead of social life unit

Research interests: Biostatistics and forest modeling - Forest inventory - Ethnobotany - Beekeeping

Dr. Ir. Sylvanus Mensah

Dr. Ir. Sylvanus Mensah

Research assistant

Research interests: Forest mensuration - Biomass modelling - Forest ecology - Ecosystem services - Conservation ecology

Afia Maï Adétoutou OMBADA

Personal Informations : Administration operations - Good skills in English - Traduction - Tourism and event management

    Chénangnon Frédéric TOVISSODE

    Research interests: Non-parametric statistics - Bayesian statistics

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