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Tonakpon Hermane AVOHOU

Research interests: Bayesian linear and non linear mixed models - Tree architecture and growth models - Forest stand growth models - Functional struct

Moudjahid Akorédé WABI

Research interests : Ecology - Climate change - Agricultural economics - Agroforestry

Kisito Gandji

Kisito Gandji

PhD student

Research interests: Ecology - Social forestry - Biodiversity conservation - Neglected and underutilized plant species - Climate change


Research interests: Forestry and Agroforestry - Biology and Ecology of Invasion and Biology of Conservation - Modelling Complex Ecological Dynamics -

Sènanmi Hermann Juliano HOUNDONOUGBO

Research interests: Quantitative Ethnoecology - Invasion ecology - Stochastic demography - Evolutionary ecology - Climate change


Research interests: Modeling - Nonlinear models - Ecology and Natural Resources Management - Silviculture - Forest Ecosystems Biogeochemistry

Innocent Sènandé Benjamin ECLOU

Innocent Sènandé Benjamin ECLOU

PhD student,Research assistant

Research interests: Environmental chemistry - Forest mineral export - Climate change effects mitigation - Agroecology

Gbènakpon Aubin Yamonwan Guénolé AMAGNIDE

Research interests : Generalized Linear Modeling - Hierarchical Modeling - Nonlinear mixed effects models - Simulation and resampling methods -Ecologi

Merveille Koissi SAVI

Research interests: Linear and Generalized linear model - Resampling methods - Quantitative ethnobotany - Ecological Niche Modeling

Parfait Agonha

Parfait Agonha

MSc student

Research interests: Forest Ecology and Management - Plant Ecology - Biodiversity - Biology Conservation - Climate Change


Research interests: Agroecology - Forest economic and governance - Ethnobotany - Agroecosystems biodiversity and ecosystem services - Ecology of polli

Nadejda Baro SERO

Research interests: Social forestry - Forest ecology and management - Biostatistics

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