Sewanou Hermann HONFO

Researcher collaborator

Research interests: Statistical computation and simulation – Forestry estimations – Parametric statistics – Bayesian statistics

Sewanou Hermann HONFO

Research interests

  • Linear and nonlinear mixed effects models
  • Statistical computing and R programming
  • Statistical modeling
  • Forest biometrics


Researrch Collaborator


Sewanou Hermann HONFO has completed a MSc thesis entitled “ Extension of the Fully Exponential Laplace Approximation EM algorithm for fitting Nonlinear mixed effects models: Improved Laplace Approximation-EM algorithm” in 2012. He devotes his research to the improvement and or development of statistical methods in biostatistics. He also works on statistical computing in R software. He is currently a PhD student at the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences, University of Abomey-Calavi, in Benin.

Research project

Research experiments in applied sciences such as agriculture, management of natural resources sciences and medicine are often complex and characterized by multiple observations on several variables measured repeatedly over the time (plant growth, study on species’ regeneration, climate change, and epidemiology studies). For analyzing such data, the most appropriate method when there is significant correlation between variables of interest is the multivariate linear mixed effects model (MLMM). Due to their recent development, MLMMs present various methodological limitations that are important to address. Therefore, this PhD project aims at bringing an added value to methods of multivariate linear mixed effects models.

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Total number of publications

  • Articles scientifiques publiés dans les journaux: 4
  • Communications: 0
  • Documents techniques: 1

Key publications

  1. FC Tovissodé, HS Honfo, VK Salako, CP Gnanglè, S Mensah and R Glèlè Kakaï (2015). Population structure of two bamboo species in relation to topographical units in the Republic of Benin (West Africa): implications for sustainable management. Acta Botanica Gallica 162(1):89-96.
  2. H Honfo, FC Tovissodé, C Gnanglè, S Mensah, V K Salako, AE Assogbadjo, C Agbangla, and R Glèlè Kakaï (2015). Traditional Knowledge and Use Value of Bamboo in Southeastern Benin: Implications for sustainable management, Ethnobotany Research & Applications 14:139-153.