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Membres actifs

Dr. Ir. Tèwogbadé J.D. AKPONA

Dr. Ir. Tèwogbadé J.D. AKPONA

Head of research Unit

Research interests: Forest Ecology and management - Seeds Ecology and Biodiversity conservation - Pollination and Ecosystem services - Plant and Wildl

Dr. Ir. Achille HOUNKPEVI

Dr. Ir. Achille HOUNKPEVI

Research assistant

Research interests : Plant ecology - Plant adaptations to environmental change - Biodiversity conservation - Wood anatomy - Neglected and underutilize

Sènanmi Hermann Juliano HOUNDONOUGBO

Research interests: Quantitative Ethnoecology - Invasion ecology - Stochastic demography - Evolutionary ecology - Climate change


Research interests: Forestry and Agroforestry - Biology and Ecology of Invasion and Biology of Conservation - Modelling Complex Ecological Dynamics -

Kisito Gandji

Kisito Gandji

PhD student

Research interests: Ecology - Social forestry - Biodiversity conservation - Neglected and underutilized plant species - Climate change

Moudjahid Akorédé WABI

Research interests : Ecology - Climate change - Agricultural economics - Agroforestry

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