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Your applications for a DAAD Scholarship: Shortlisted candidates

Some time ago you applied for a DAAD Scholarship to undertake study and research in Biostatistics (Master) and Biometry (PhD) at the University of Abomey-Calavi. The Laboratoire of Biomathématiques et d’Estimations Forestières is pleased to inform you that the Commission has shortlisted some candidates (see lists below) for the next step of the procedure. You will receive further instructions and information in your mail address. As a reminder, there are scholarships for 2 Doctorates & 2 Masters for Benin, 5 Doctorates & 6 Masters for other Sub-Saharan countries.

Master in Biostatistics (Benin)

RankingNameFirst NameGender
1YALINKPON Florent male
2AYIHOUYannick Sènamale
4HOUNSINOU HumphreyHumphreymale
5DEGBOS. Jacobmale
6DJISSOUB. Paulmale

Master in Biostatistics (Other countries)

RankingNameFirst nameGenderNationality
1TALLDjibril TALLmaleSenegalese
2IRABONEYE Norbert maleRwandan
4FAYESaliou Sitor maleSenegalese
5KANGELA MATAZIAlainmaleCongolese (DRC)
6FURAHA MPURANYIJuliefemaleCongolese
7BISEKERE Amilcar maleBurundian
8Mamadou KanemaleSenegalese
11MremaDeogratius JosephmaleTanzanian
15Abdirasak Mohamed said ismail maleEthiopian
16Gai Alier JohnmaleSouth Sudanese
17BATEKA MPUTUPlandimaleCongolese (DRC)

PhD in Biometry (Benin)

RankingNameFirst nameGender
1HOUETOHOSSOU Ariane female
2AKOUEGNINOU Nonvignon Constantin male
4TOHOUN Jesukpégo Roméo male

PhD in Biometry (Other countries)

RankingNameFirst nameGenderNationality
1MUSHAGALUSA CIZA ArsenemaleCongolese
2GONGNET EHNON  Emmanuel maleTchadian
3MULUGETA AKLILUZewdiemaleEthiopian
4BOUROBOU BOUROBOU Judie Armel maleGabonese

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