Dr. Ir. Tadogbè M. DONOU

Human resources Officer

Research interests: Biostatistics and forest modeling – Forest inventory – Ethnobotany – Beekeeping


Head of Social Life Unit


Research interests

  • Biostatistics and forest modeling
  • Forest inventory
  • Ethnobotany
  • Beekeeping



Tadogbè Marcel DONOU HOUNSODE is an Agronomist Engineer (completed in 2007) and has an MSc in Natural resources management (completed in 2011). Thereafter, he was involved in PhD studies (since December 2012) in conservation biology with a special focus on wild palms conservation. He is currently a research assistant in Biometry and Forest Modeling at the Laboratory of Biomathematics and Forest Estimations of the University of Abomey-Calavi



Research project

African palms are among wild edible resource used by local population for their routine needs. Among well-known species are: Raphia hookeri, R. vinifera and R. sudanica. Unfortunately, these resources are threatened in their natural habitat. This thesis will investigate the socioeconomic importance of the resources and explore the ecological impacts of the species to set further sustainable management of their populations. The project is being carried out in all phytodistricts of Benin.



Awards and distinctions

  • 2011. First prize of the best thesis in Natural Resources Management and Biodiversity programme.
  • 2007. First prize of the best thesis in Agronomic Sciences.
  • 2002-2007: Full national five years scholarship for Agricultural studies


Profiles and Curriculum


Total number of publications

  • Articles scientifiques publiés dans les journaux: 1
  • Communications: 5
  • Documents techniques: 10


Key publications

  1. Hounsode-Donou M. T. Glele Kakaï, R., Azihou A. F., Ouédraogo, A. 2014. Efficiency of inventory plot patterns for the estimation of woody vegetation recruit density in a tropical dense forest in Bénin. African Journal of Ecology. XX-XXX
  2. Hounsode-Donou M. T. 2012. Apiculture et déprédateurs des produits de la ruche: Ennemis Naturels des Abeilles Mellifères et Méthodes de lutte. Éditions Universitaires Européenes.XX-XXX