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Title Lecturer Date Home institution
Biodiversity Informatics for conservation and sustainable utilization of natural resources Prof Jean Cossi GANGLO November 10, 2017 Laboratoire des Sciences Forestières

Faculté des Sciences Agronomiques (UAC, Bénin)

A new call for a paradigm shift and theory driven ethnobotany Prof. Orou G. Gaoué December 1, 2017 Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee, USA
Uncovering the evolutionary history and historical biogeography of cycad Prof. Kowiyou Yessoufou December 22, 2017 Department of Geography, Environmental Management and Energy Studies, University of Johannesburg
Diversity and Biomass relationship in forest ecosystems: from political to scientific considerations Dr. Ir. Sylvanus Mensah December 29, 2017 LABEF/FSA/UAC, Benin
What if forest resources were managed differently? 30 years of experiences and learned lessons from multi-stakeholders’ participative model Karin ORTEGA, conservationist February 23, 2018 FONDATION TOBE, Benin
The NAGOYA protocol: content, challenges and implications for scientific research Melkior Kouchadé & Bienvenu Bossou


March 09, 2017 DGEFC et ONG CESAREN, Benin
Analysis of sensory data: internal and external mapping Dr Emile AGBANGBA June 29, 2017 LABEF/FSA/UAC